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The DataComm avionics equipage initiative is the outreach program designed to assist airlines in making the business case for the decision to equip aircraft with Data Communications-compliant avionics. Incentives, combined with operational benefits realized from Data Communications services, combine to make this an attractive investment.   

Data Communications Network Services (DCNS)

As part of the DCIS program, DCNS will help to transition U.S. air traffic control from primarily analog voice communications to digital data connectivity—significantly increasing the efficiency and safety of the nation’s air traffic system.

Under DCNS Harris and its partners, ARINC, SITA and Thales, will provide the terrestrial circuits and very high frequency data links that connect ground-based air traffic controllers and airborne flight crews. This will enable air traffic controllers and pilots to communicate more effectively by supplementing traditional voice communications with data to enhance departure clearances, weather routes, and other air traffic procedures. These enhanced procedures will save fuel, reduce flight times, and increase air traffic capacity.